Building Opportunities. Maximizing Returns.

Roers Companies is recognized for its vision, track record, passion, and investor loyalty. We are institutionally minded specialists with a passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to quality and integrity. We seek out sound investment opportunities in select markets in order to maximize asset and investor value. The Roers Cos. team relies on deep industry knowledge gained over our 10+ years and $2+ billion in past development experience to offer private-equity investors real estate investment opportunities that are positioned to minimize risk and maximize returns.

Investment Expertise

Opportunity Sourcing

Roers Companies’ development team is dedicated to finding sites in high-growth areas with limited housing stock. With a close watch on local markets, strong industry relationships, and a robust evaluation and approval protocol, we believe our process refines and strengthens each opportunity offered to our investors for consideration.


Investors receive regular construction and leasing updates to keep apprised of progress. We work to provide investors with detailed financial and operational updates when making quarterly distributions, or as appropriate. Our investor relations team is focused exclusively on our vital partnerships, and are available to share insights and answer questions any time.

Investment Optimization

Our employees are driven by an ownership mindset to maximize value for our investors. This means our marketing and leasing, asset management, and property management teams are in regular communication to drive the financial performance of each property. Together, we work to weather ever-changing market conditions, with our investors at the heart of our decision-making process.


Individuals who choose to invest in Roers Companies’ projects are entitled to participate in the financial performance of that project. To that end, we strive to provide quarterly distributions to our investors that reflect the financial performance of the project over the preceding three months. In the event of the sale of a property, investors can expect to receive distribution payments commensurate with the profitability of the sale, which investors can receive directly or reinvest into open projects.

Investment Contact

Investment opportunities at Roers Cos. are continuously changing. Please contact the investor relations team to learn more.

Kent Roers

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Kate Hamerly Spooner

Vice President of Investor Relations
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Katie Scheetz

Investor Relations Manager
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Investment outcomes vary. Past success does not guarantee future results.