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Woodbury Magazine: Beyond Apartments Redefines Modern Living Standards

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Beyond Apartments Exterior

Beyond Apartments Redefine Modern Living Standards

The following excerpt appeared in an article by Ava Diaz in the Woodbury Magazine

Continuing to redefine apartment living for Woodbury residents is the new two-building complex, Beyond Apartments by Core Living. Beyond fuses a boutique aesthetic with the bustle of suburban conveniences to create a comfortable modern lifestyle.

As a luxury apartment, Beyond features over 14 different floor plans and a myriad of amenities. But what defines luxury, and how does it work to appeal to specific individuals? A luxury apartment refers to a living space where tenants have access to an above-average level of comfort, quality and convenience.

“You can get the basics of what you need to live at a lower price point, but you don’t get that same level of features within the apartment itself,” Ouellette says about conventional apartments as opposed to luxury spaces. “You are not going to have a greater range of amenities built to cater to a variety of different resident needs … but the mix of amenities definitely goes up as you look at different luxury apartments.”

Encouraging the use of their range in facilities—a 24-hour fitness center and studio, pool, patio spaces and golf simulator to name a few—the complex is conveniently equipped to readily suit most needs.

“The home really is the entirety of the community,” Ouellette says. “Your dedicated private living space might be a bit smaller to fit your budget, but you still have access to all of those spaces to do other activities … It is Core Living and connecting you to the community.”

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