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Leaders Interviewed About Coronavirus Impact on Development

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The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal dug into what the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic means for the Twin Cities’ building boom in an article this week. Among the concerns mentioned in the article is the importance of building inspections, permit reviews, and other local government approval steps throughout the development process.

Roers Companies Owner and Co-Founder Brian Roers stated in the article, “We are just hopeful that people see the biggest impact of what their decisions are, because in that situation, you’re going to start limiting housing and we’re already in a very tight housing market where affordability is a problem, and so limiting that access to housing by not doing inspections will be a big deal.”

“We’re standing tall as leaders,” Kent Roers added later in the article. “We’re going to have to work harder. We’re going to have to work smarter. And, you know, we’ll come out on the other side stronger than ever. The benefit for us is that we have been through something like this [with the Bakken oil downturn affecting our properties in the Dakotas in 2015].”

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