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Los Angeles Times Spotlights Roers Cos.’ Unique Investment Opportunities

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Roers Companies is transforming the landscape of real estate investment by offering private investors opportunities traditionally reserved for large financial institutions. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times highlights how Roers Cos. is making high-return investments accessible to everyday investors. By partnering with individual investors rather than relying on institutional equity, Roers Cos. ensures more people can benefit from lucrative real estate opportunities.

Article Excerpts

“If you compare the performance of a $10,000 investment in stocks, real estate investment trust (REIT) and multifamily real estate over the course of 20 years, you can see that the growth in multifamily outperforms other asset types. Multifamily real estate investments also tend to offer less volatility than stocks or REITs.

Part of the reason for Roers Companies’ success lies in their business model. They don’t just manage properties or build them. Their internal capabilities include development, construction, leasing, property management and asset management. This vertical integration means that Roers Companies is able to achieve significant cost savings and efficiencies that companies with a single area of expertise cannot match. With a close watch on local markets, strong industry relationships, and a robust evaluation and approval protocol, their process refines and strengthens each opportunity offered to investors for consideration.”

Read the full article “Thinking About Investing in a Duplex? Think Bigger,” and learn more about Roers Cos.’ innovative investment model. To find out more about this unique direct-investment model, connect with a member of the Roers Cos. investor relations team today.