Mezzo Sale Featured in Finance & Commerce

Roers Companies’ sale of Mezzo Apartments in Northeast Minneapolis was recently featured in Finance & Commerce:

“The 110-unit, market-rate building opened [five] months ago and was 95% occupied at the time of the sale, said Brian Roers, one of Roers Cos.’ owners. (…) Roers is typically a long-term owner of the apartments it develops, Roers said in a Monday interview. When buyers approached Roers to make an offer an the property, Roers and project development partners Reuter Walton and North Bay Cos. chose to accept on behalf of 45 investors who put their money into the $20 million project.

‘It was just the right opportunity,’ Roers said. ‘This is a return that rivals the stock market.'”

Click here to read the whole article.

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